Be GREAT with us!

Glädje, Respekt, Engagemang, Ansvar , Tillsammans
Together with the members, the association is driven forward to have the chance to do something Fun Together, while we show each other Respect and show consideration for each other´s opinions and thoughts. The board, judges and officials must also be respected. Everyone should have the chance to Get Involved in HSIF and we all have a Responsibility for ourselves and for the well-being of our fellow human beings.


The association was started to take advatage of students´ interests and to offer students the opportunity to practice sports on campus. The activities are based on a desire to practice  sports at all levels so that it develops people positively both physically and mentally as well as socially and culturally. 


We are a non-profit sports organization  which organizes activities 3 nights a week + tournaments  All students at Halmstad University are welcome to become members and participate on our activities.  We work to ensure that people from different social groups create contact and can experience sports together. 

Vision for the future

Our vision is to have Sweden´s most active students and therefore we want to design our sports so that it in all levels constantly developed and improves. Everyone who wants regardless of religion, age, gender, nationality, physical and mental conditions, can participate in all the sport assosiation activities.

Engage yourself!

Do you want to get more involved in HSIF? 
With us, you can get involved as a leader in our activities or be part of one of the project groups that organize our tournamnets. You can also nominate yourself to our board for each annual meeting! 
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